Our company was founded in 1980 and was located on McGill Avenue in Concord, North Carolina. The original name was Central Piedmont Safe & Lock, Inc. and the primary business locksmith sales and service.  In 1988 our business relocated to Davidson Drive in Concord and added more staff. By 1999 we had diversified our business to include electronic security offerings such as alarm, access control and camera systems.  That year we also made a name change to CPSL, Inc. and started looking for a new, bigger location.  2001 Was a big year for our company as we moved into our current facility at 517 Wilshire Avenue SW in Concord.  We established a large counter business with inside sales to local government, industry, and commercial property management that was better served by this new location. Our primary business focus is now commercial work with some residential.  We have served Concord and it's surrounding counties for over four decades now.  Our mission is to provide the best physical security for your facility and property.

NC Locksmith License #0216

NC Electrical License #SP.FA/LV.21988

NC Alarm Systems License #1154-CSA

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